About Us

Digital Deals Express started towards the tail-end of the year 2017 by  Steven M Lees.  With a 25+ year expansive portfolio of Computing experience and detailed knowledge of system operating procedures, coupled with uniquely gifted website design and administration talents, it did not take long for Digital Deals Express to make it's mark in the online shopping world.  Digital Deals Express is a very versatile self run company owned and operated by Mr. Lees.  He is dedicated and very self motivated.   At times, he could be working with a restaurant owner re- establishing their online presence with a new business plan and website layout, when 15 minutes later he is entering over 300 orders with his suppliers.  Countless categories of premium products at a fraction of the cost is the main reason for the quick success, as well as offering Dropshipping and bulk pricing or drop ship services to the many new startups in the e-commerce world.  Keep an eye out for this one.